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Employee search with system

Employee search with system

We know: Reaching job seekers on job fairs is visibly difficult.

Therefore, we do not only address the active seekers, but also target passive seekers

What is the objective of our system?

We find the right skilled workers through targeted advertising campaigns.

How do we proceed?

    1. We prepare your employer benefits and use them in the campaign.
    2. We select the platforms that suit you best.
    3. For each profession, we then analyse the right target groups for you and determine required locations and interests of the professionals.
    4. We create images, videos and text to draw attention to your business.
    5. We build corresponding sub-pages that are specifically targeted (landing pages for your job advertisements).

Where do we reach the target audience?

With appealing content, we place ads where employees privately spend their free time: on social media. With a fixed advertising budget, costs are always kept in view.

What happens on the landing page for the job advertisement?

We enable the potential applicant to quickly and easily find out more about the job advertisement via said landing page. Once interested, they can apply directly.

As a company, you actively give qualified workers the opportunity to register with you.

Now it’s your turn as a company: You will receive an email and name with the answered questions and can contact them directly.
You can now get to know your applicant better. And when they match, it’s “It’s a Match!“.

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