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Branding/Labels Relaunch - Walderbräu


Königsegger beer specialities have been foaming in the glasses of many beer lovers in the Upper Swabian homeland since 1822.

Brewing is passion. With great dedication and love, Walderbräu brews unique and nationally popular beer. Rooted in the region, they are fully committed to an intact environment.

The transformation of the beer landscape has changed dramatically in recent years. In order to ensure the continued existence of the brewery and malt house in Königseggwald, Königseggwald citizens and beer lovers founded a limited company. Walderbräu became the first brewery to pay its dividend in beer.

Beer labels full range

neckarfreunde was commissioned to redevelop the overall range of beer specialities. With a view to the gastronomy sector, among others, the labels were realised in a clear colour and type concept to ensure a clear differentiation between varieties.

Soft drinks

In addition to the redesign of the beer labels, the non-alcoholic soft drinks were given a new design. The simple variety labelling and the reference to the natural ingredients are reflected by the design and offer the end consumer clear orientation at the POS.

Each variety has been enhanced with hand-drawn illustrations.

Mixed drinks

The relaunch of the mixed drinks opens up their own marketing and target group approach possibilities, detached from the soft drinks.

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